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Welcome to the latest news and images from the development of our Mega Airport Frankfurt project.

Using an enormous number of on-site reference photos taken by our team, as well as up-to-date info provided by Fraport and, our goal is to develop one of the most detailed aviation hubs ever created for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We will post more info and pictures as development progresses, so be sure to check back regularly!


Dev-Snapshot Image


As we get closer to release, we want to share a few more screenshots from the current state of development with you. Check out the gallery for the new pictures! We will have more detailed info to share soon.

Dev-Snapshot Image


And here are brand new images of parts of Frankfurt airport featuring “Feuerwache1” amongst others. This is the quality we are aiming for!
We´ll bring you more frequent news and images in the new year as we progress, so stay tuned, it´s going to be one of the most exciting sceneries for MSFS.

Dev-Snapshot Image


We're proud to present to you the first few clips from Frankfurt Airport!

Dev-Snapshot Image


Work is progressing on the main terminal, so here are a few preview renders of the exterior! Check the gallery for more images.

Dev-Snapshot Image


To create a scenery that's as close to the original as possible, having a large amount of reference pictures of the real airport is essential. That's why the developer team led by Jo Erlend has recently been on location in Frankfurt am Main to document the interior and exterior areas of Germany's largest aerodrome.

Update Image


At FSExpo 2023 we announced our next Mega Airport: EDDF! Aerosoft is bringing one of the most requested airports to date to the Microsoft Flight Simulator!